The Future of Food

A new recipe for the food sector.

  • Will we still be eating meat in the future? 
  • Will our meals come out of a 3D printer? 
  • Will there still be supermarkets tomorrow?

How can we continue to feed a growing world population in a healthy and sustainable way? A fascinating journey of discovery takes us from urban agriculture to sea farms, from cultured meat laboratories to hyper-personalised food advice based on artificial intelligence, and from the hybrid supermarket to new, digital platform models.

About the authors

Jorg Snoeck

Founder – RetailDetail

Jorg Snoeck is the founder of RetailDetail, the leading communication and networking platform for retail and FMCG professionals in the Benelux, and creator of the knowledge and inspiration centre RetailHub, where you can experience the shopping of the future. He is also an internationally renowned keynote speaker. 

Stefan Van Rompaey

Chief Editor – RetailDetail

As editor-in-chief of RetailDetail, Stefan Van Rompaey is intrigued by consumer behaviour and fascinated by entrepreneurial drive. He has been closely following the world of retail and FMCG for more than 30 years, interviewing hundreds of top managers from the industry and contributing to various retail publications.

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