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Jorg Snoeck

Founder RetailDetail & Home of Retail

Jorg Snoeck is the founder of RetailDetail, knowledge center Home of Retail and traveling experience center Future of Shopping Roadshow. Marketeer by education, his passion is to analyze shopping behavior and the ever-evolving consumer.

Pauline Neerman

Chief Editor Future of Shopping

RetailDetail’s very first employee and “its secret weapon”, Pauline Neerman has been with the company since day one, developing her passion for the retailing and marketing world. She got her degree at the KU Leuven and Vlerick Business School, is a proud millennial and loves the written word.


A new game with new rules

The retail industry as it has been for centuries, is no more. A store’s purpose had always been to bring products closer to consumers, but technology has since largely taken away a store’s requirement to be “close to the people”. What is a store nowadays?

They come in all different shapes and sizes: physical stores, websites, apps, billboarding, virtual spaces, holograms and everything in between. The world has become one global marketplace, with a new consumer in charge. That consumer is multicultural, connected, self-aware and …grey. Everyone can open a store, from your local hobby farmer to a manufacturer that wants to directly connect to consumers. Everyone is a retailer….so, what are you?

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Wearable X

Loved about my experience with Retail Detail was their look at the experience from a 360 perspective. Everything from the data to the human centric design. The future of retail isn’t just about a shift from physical to digital and back again, its about the spaces in between. The grey area, that we cannot be afraid of testing. Any real innovation has its challenges, its adoption curves and its milestones. The future of shopping isn’t just about the environments but also what is being sold, and both these experiences being designed for a future that we want to live and participate in. My version of the future is about enchanted shopping experiences through technology.

What does The Future of Shopping look like?

Why did Mexx and many other perish? What is Amazon thinking and how can smaller retailer survive? Jorg Snoeck and Pauline Neerman explain it all-in a bold, visionary and decisive manner. Get a clear overview of what causes this domino effect of bankruptcies, what you should do to comfortably survive and how brands can connect with the “New Consumer”. This is a book that cannot be left out of your to read pile if you are part of the retail industry!

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